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Platinum Strata specialises in Refurbishment of Blocks of Apartments, Strata Titling Blocks of Apartments, Acquisitions, Development Application Approvals, project marketing and more.

Welcome to Platinum Strata

Platinum Strata Consultants Pty Ltd has strata titled and refurbished over 60 apartment blocks of units consisting of over 1,200 units in the last 15 years. We have gained enormous experience working with large companies, high net worth individuals and property owners. We work with owners of blocks of apartments completing the following services on their behalf so they can increase the capital gain of their investment and or increase their rental income.


At Platinum Strata Consultants Pty Ltd we specialise in:

  • Refurbishment of Blocks of Apartments: We renovate all the apartments for you to maximise your property's full capital gain.
  • Strata Titling Blocks of Apartments: We put together the application and supporting documents and lodge them to the council and gain approval to Strata title the units so they can be sold individually to property buyers or to increase the value of your property.
  • Acquisitions: We buy developments and blocks of apartments for high net worth individuals/developers and investors.
  • Development Application Approvals: We put together all supporting documents required under the Development Application, lodge applications, follow up the D.A. Application and ensure all issues raised through the D.A. process are answered quickly to ensure a quick resolution. All relevant consultants have been hand picked to ensure that the best results are possible when dealing with council and each development is dealt with case-by-case scenario.
  • Project Marketing: Once we have strata titled and renovated your block of apartment/s we can then set up a display apartment and then sell the apartments for you on your behalf. We take care of the whole process for you.
  • We also can complete joint ventures with you or we can just buy the block of apartments from you if you just want to sell the block of apartments and move on.
  • With our knowledge of contractors and suppliers of fixtures and fittings we will save you tens of thousands of dollars when renovating internally and externally.
  • We provide a personalised service, which is efficient, reliable and professional above and beyond the expectations of all owners of blocks of units.


Let us take away the stress of dealing with consultants, councils, builders and contractors. Why sell your block of units to developers when we can ensure you get the full potential out of your investment.